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A little bit about me.


My name is David and I am Sage Sign Co. I have worn many hats in my lifetime thus far - and I never thought I would wear the carpenter hat! Wait... what’s a carpenter hat?? Is there such a thing?? Hmmm. Anyway - I am a longtime freelance graphic designer. I’ve done banking. Nursing/endoscopy assistant. Traveling Tech/IT support... and the list goes on. I’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies and I’ve been the person in your EGD/colonoscopy helping the doctor shove those cameras down/up your.. well.

What was I saying??

I’ve been on the outside looking in on the signmaker business for a few years now after ordering a sign for a family member from Laney over at @pine.and.birch - I started realizing that there’s no reason I can’t try my hand at it too. I have always done graphic design...but I didn’t know much if anything about woodworking... but I am ALWAYS up for learning something new! So here I am!

I officially opened my website on August 17, 2018 and I learn something new everyday ... including just how much hustle and money it takes to make just one order happen from the website to the shipping box! Sheesh!

Thanks for tagging along - and please know that I’m always down for a joke, an idea, a question or a brainstorming session!