Mementos + Keepsakes

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Time has a way of marching on - and unfortunately that also means precious memories attached to notes, pictures, and mementos crumble just the same.

Sage Sign Co. was started by a longtime freelance graphic designer. Over the years, he’s been asked to restore photos & create art prints to help families hold on to such important pieces of their family legacy. Now, with technology & expertise, Sage Sign Co. can offer an incredible service: Turn your mementos & keepsakes from 1-Dimensional papers into a wooden, 3-Dimensional wooden, acrylic or mixed media art piece. Customers have ordered anything from Gramma’s old notes saying “Forever my love, Gram.”, old handwritten recipe cards, or their children’s drawings.

Simply fill & submit the contact field below, then kindly send a picture of the item you would to reproduce.

We look forward to helping you & your loved ones save & cherish treasured keepsakes!

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