Our solid wood frames are selected & built by hand. They are built by us in our garage shop in Plantation, Florida.

Our backboard wood varies depending on the product or project. We typically use solid white board or high quality composite wood sheets made of pine or other white woods.

We carefully select our products for quality, durability, personality & weight (in consideration of shipping costs).


Although the industrial use of lasers has been around for decades, recent advancements in technology has allowed designers & machinists to bring this expensive tool into their shop. Powerful and accurate laser beams travel along a predesigned path and create exceptionally detailed engravings & cuts through whatever medium was placed in its path.

Laser beams are, simply put, supercharged rays of light. Therefore, they produce no harmful residues or after effects.


Much like laser cutting, recent advancements in robotics & nanotechnology allows a powerful but accurate collection of chisels and pointed tool pieces to grind away at a myriad of mediums. As a robotic boom arm moves in 3-Dimensional space over a medium (E.G., a slab of wood), a chisel tool spins away and reveals complex and dynamic shapes. Rigid and pliable materials such as PVC plastics, wood, acrylic, and metals turn into beautiful & eye-catching creations. Combined with Sage Sign Co’s original art designs & creativity, the sky is the limit!

In a shopper friendly world, we know that services like Amazon Prime & other major retailers make it incredibly easy & convenient to receive orders in just days - if not less!

Although we hope to be as successful as these retail giants, we must pay standard shipping costs when sending our customers’ orders. Rather than inflating the costs of our products, we would rather our customers see just how much shipping costs by using a system which estimates shipping charges based on the product dimensions & weight. We will do everything we can to consolidate multiple products into as few parcels as possible to save shipping costs on your behalf. We would like to emphasize that we are a sign shop - and we want our hard work and creativity to reach you in one, undamaged piece. Therefore, we will do what we can to send you an order in the smallest & lightest box possible - provided the contents are safe.

Also, if ever there is a refund due because our shipping estimator was in excess, we will refund your method of payment directly for the difference.



Handmade crafts involve a level of attention & detail that you just cannot find in retail stores. That’s what makes special companies like ours so unique & memorable. The process from design desk to workshop to the post office can vary - for many reasons. While we typically aim to have completed orders built & shipped within a three week period, we cannot guarantee this unless especially quoted.

We work diligently with any vendors & suppliers to keep things moving for you. Trust us, we would rather have space in the shop (aka our house) just as much as you would like your order completed. So - rest assured that we do everything possible to get your handmade projects on a truck, train and/or plane as soon as possible!


We use commercial grade printing machines (these are not your at-home standard laser printers) to print directly onto the surface of the medium we’ve chosen for your product. If you are ordering a TruPrint portrait or original artwork, your design is printed exactly how you see it in the thumbnail mock-up picture. Our highly detailed designs (or your photos) come out looking just as good as they did on your screen - with high quality, long lasting inks. Although our TruPrint is recommended for indoor display purposes, you can feel assured knowing that the inks are sealed by a high power UV light to keep everything looking just as good as the moment it was made. If your product must be outdoors, we strongly recommend keeping it out of direct sun exposure & weather elements. No guarantees are made for products left outdoors.